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The Best Shower Heads We Chose for Hotel Real

Typically when a shower is installed, the faucet that goes along with it produces a weak sprinkle of water. This causes unpleasant and longer showers. Instead of settling for the weak stream of water the faucet produces, you can purchase a high performance shower head. It’s especially important that hotels have shower heads that produce a steady stream of water. After all, the last thing someone wants to deal with on vacation is having to spend extra time in the shower because the shower head doesn’t provide a steady stream of water. While finding the perfect shower head is important, it can be extremely stressful because there are a variety of features a shower head can have. In order to make it easier to find the perfect shower head, here is a list of the best shower heads we have specifically chosen for Hotel Real.

1.) Delta 58480-PK


Priced at $130, the Delta 58480-PK is definitely one of the most expensive shower heads on the market. But, the advanced design and technology makes it worth spending over $100 for a shower head. One of the most attractive features of the Delta 58480-PK is the two-in-one design. There is the main shower head, and then a detachable shower head. You can choose to use both at once, or one of the shower heads separately from the other. The detachable shower head allows you to choose how strong the water stream is. Thus, you don’t have to worry about wasting a ton of water while using both shower heads. As for the main shower head, it is crafted with an intricate internal system that is fully loaded with speed, movement, and water droplet size controls. Thus, with the Delta 58480-PK you will be able to take your idea of the perfect shower.

2.) Moen S6320


If you want to have a maximum amount of water trickling down during your shower at all times, then the Moen S6320 is the perfect shower head. Priced at $180, the Moen S6320 is an 8-inch shower head with a chic chrome finish. A specialized immersion technology is integrated with two spray modes, which create a steady, strong, and rain-like water stream. As the leading manufacturers of faucets, shower heads, and other faucets, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this Moen shower head is crafted with durability, and comes with a lifetime warranty that applies to leaks, drips, and finish defects.

3.) Toto TS200AL65


Toto is a leading appliance manufacturer, and their creation of the Toto TS200AL65 shower head, which retails at $44, proves that they have the ability to produce high quality appliances at a low price. This chrome Toto shower head has a 5 ½ inch width and has a certified flow of 2.0 gpm, which is a moderate water speed. One of the best features of this shower head is the multifunction spray modes, which includes; spray, massage, mist, pause, and a spray and massage combination. Thus, you have the option of switching stream modes depending on your preference.

4.) American Standard 1660


Priced at only $27, it can be hard to believe that the American Standard 1660 is a reliable and advanced shower head. But, after learning that American Standard is a renowned appliance manufacturer, it’s easy to believe that this shower head is crafted with an intricate and durable design. The American Standard 1660 is renowned for using 40% less water than the average shower head while maintaining extraordinary performance. This chrome shower head features three different functions; full spray, combination spray, and turbine spray. Each spray function provides you with a different water speed and pressure. The full spray option provides a 2.0 max flow water rate at an average pressure. Thus, this is the perfect function for people who enjoy a decent and steady water stream. The combination spray offers the same water rate as the full spray option, but provides an intense water pressure. Finally, the turbine spray has a water rate of 1.5 and low water pressure, so it is more of a sprinkle than a steady stream. Finally, this American Standard shower head has an auto-return feature, which ensures you start every shower with a steady and low pressurized 1.5 water rate

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Author | Cary Melinger Comments | Comments Off Date | November 26, 2016

Fun Things to Do During Your Stay in Liechtenstein

For travelers around Europe who want to visit somewhere just a bit off the usual tourist routes, Liechtenstein is an unusual and fascinating choice. Officially known as the Principality of Liechtenstein, this tiny little monarchy is tucked away in the Alps and bordered by Austria on one side and Switzerland on the other. Liechtenstein’s small size – the whole country only has 37,000 inhabitants – makes it ideal for a short visit. Visitors to Liechtenstein will find plenty to do. Here are 7 of the best ways to have fun in Liechtenstein.

  1. Get a Liechtenstein Adventure Pass


The Liechtenstein Adventure Pass is a wonderful way to see plenty of attractions and all for one reasonable price. From car rides to sled hire to free drinks and tours, the Adventure Pass offers any traveler a wealth of experiences.

Many of the attractions and deals offered by the Adventure Pass take place in and around the capital city of Vaduz. Visitors who want a break from exploring the wonders of this lovely city can take a hike up to elegant Vaduz castle, the home of the Prince of Liechtenstein. The castle itself doesn’t allow visitors, but the hike is breathtaking and offers stunning views across Vaduz and the surrounding county.

  1. Take In The Liechtenstein National Museum


For such a small country, Liechtenstein has a rich history and culture to explore. Travelers are sure to love the Liechtenstein National Museum which houses several permanent exhibits all about the history of Liechtenstein. The museum also offers regular temporary exhibits which means there is always something new to see and learn about.

  1. Marvel At the Treasure Chamber

A visit to Liechtenstein National Museum wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the Treasure Chamber, or Schatzkammer. Visitors can enter by way of “gold coins” picked up from the main museum itself. They will then find themselves in a room full of royal delights – literally. This Principality-sponsored museum shows off beautiful paintings, delicate painted Russian Easter eggs, firearms and even the royal crown.

  1. Take In Some Art

Liechtenstein Kunstmuseum, or Art Museum, is home to an impressive collection of modern art. This modern museum has a range of fascinating and unusual exhibits to enjoy.

Visitors will also be surprised and delighted by the sculptures and other pieces of art that can be found all throughout the center of Vaduz itself.

  1. Try Some Royal Wine

Wine lovers will want to take a time out to visit the Hofkellerei, or winery of the Prince. The winery offers a lovely selection of local wines, which can be enjoyed in the regal surroundings of the banquet hall. Visitors with an Adventure Pass can enjoy two glasses of wine for free!

  1. Get Out Into Nature


Liechtenstein’s is a hiker’s dream. Being situated in the Alps, Liechtenstein offers over 400 km of hiking trails of varying difficulty. Visitors can visit authentic mountain villages such as Malburn, tucked away on the slopes, or take a ski lift to get even higher. A ski lift pass is included with any Adventure Pass. The Fürstin Gina path offers unforgettable views of both Austria and Switzerland.

  1. Enjoy Food Fit For A Prince

With so much to see and do, visitors are sure to need refreshment and time to relax. Thankfully Liechtenstein has a rich gastronomical culture. Vaduz is full of delightful traditional eateries that offer unforgettable food in luxurious settings with breathtaking views – fit for a prince!

Author | Cary Melinger Comments | Comments Off Date | November 10, 2016
  • About Hotel Real:


    Hotel Real is a hotel scheduled to open in Liechtenstein within the next year. Construction was delayed once but we are back and full speed ahead this time! We are a high-luxury boutique hotel and our number one goal is to provide you with a personalized, luxurious stay.

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