What is the Cost of Cord Blood Banking?

Expectant parents are often bombarded with information about risks factors and diseases that can affect their child’s health. This can be especially troublesome for first time parents who have no experience with trying to protect the health of their child. One of the most common issues that comes up when talking about infant related health topics is the idea of cord blood banking. This concept has became popular in recent years as it can help those with certain risk factors for devastating diseases with new, and often life-saving, treatment options.

The cost of cord blood banking is what prevents many parents from choosing to bank their child’s cord blood. Storage fees for cord blood can be quite high up front, at around $2,000 for the banking, transport and storage for the first year. This can be a considerable cost along with the other medical bills associated with birth and doctor visits. After the first year, there is a storage fee for each year that they blood remains in storage. This fee can be around $125-$150 per year or more.

Cord blood banking is pricey and one of those things that you hope you never need. The great thing about it is that it does save lives for many children who develop diseases in infancy or later on in childhood. This is a very personal choice that parents must talk through to see if it’s something they can afford and wish to do.